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Recycling Profile: Meridian, ID

Suburban Meridian is dealing with explosive growth and the waste-reduction issues that come with the population shift.

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Nov 26 2014

Nine Clever Ways to Reuse Old Wrapping Paper

Scraps of wrapping paper prove their worth with these nine amazing reuse ideas.

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Nov 25 2014

How to Recycle Nylon

Durable nylon, found in everything from clothing and carpets, to bags and tents, can be recycled through certain takeback programs.

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Nov 24 2014

Tewksbury’s Recycling Spirit Shines on Zero Waste Day

The Massachusetts town brought together nearly 600 area residents to recycle their old belongings.

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Nov 21 2014

Recycling Profile: Bangor, ME

Bangor's zero-sort recycling program collects recyclables biweekly across the city of 30,000-plus.

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Nov 20 2014

CR Home Invokes Worldwide Change by Sparking the Reuse Movement

Community Recycling's CR Home program takes the inconvenience out of clothing and shoe recycling

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Nov 19 2014

Bambu Offers Eco-Alternative to Paper Dinnerware This Thanksgiving

Bambu's line of certified-organic, all-natural bamboo dinnerware, cutlery and kitchen accessories is the sustainable solution for your holiday get-together.

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Community Recycling engages more than 5,000 partner organizations in the Reuse Movement by recycling or repurposing materials, helping to grow local economies and provide jobs for people around the world.

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