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How to Recycle Magazines

Whether purchased or mailed, most of us have a stack of magazines just piling up ...

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Mar 05 2015

Where Does the Snow Go? A Look at Its Disappearing Act and the Environmental Effects

As numerous states across the U.S. continue to deal with huge amounts of snow, what are the environmental effects of plowing, collecting, de-icing?

Post Image - -no-poo-movement-why-you-should-say-no-to-shampoo

Mar 04 2015

The ‘No ‘Poo Movement’: Why You Should Say No to Shampoo

Quitting shampoo is more than just a beauty recommendation - it's good for the environment, cutting down on bottle waste and toxins.

Post Image - 20-creative-winter-item-upcycling-projects

Mar 04 2015

20 Creative Winter Item Upcycling Projects

Don't throw your sweaters or mittens in the trash - give them a whole new life!

Post Image - -zero-waste-dream

Mar 03 2015

The Zero Waste Dream

Advocates are turning that dream into reality!

Post Image - how-much-energy-does-fireplace-burn-

Mar 03 2015

How Much Energy Does a Fireplace Burn?

Consider alternatives so your hard-earned money doesn’t go up in smoke

Post Image - snowblowers-vs-snow-shovels-epic-energy-consumption-showdown

Mar 03 2015

Snowblowers vs. Snow Shovels: Epic Energy Consumption Showdown

What's it gonna be? The snowblower or the shovel ....

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