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Cool DIY Furniture

Looking to add some new flare to a room? Try one of these DIY projects that use recycled materials.

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May 27 2015

Going Green: Teach Your Kids About the Environment at Any Age

Wondering how to teach your kids to be more environmentally conscious?

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May 27 2015

E-Cigarettes, Recycling & the Environment

E-cigarettes are growing in popularity as a so-called safer alternative to traditional smoking. But what dangers do they hold for the environment?

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May 27 2015

How Hydroponic Farms Could Save the World

Plants don't need soil to grow, silly rabbit.

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May 26 2015

Recycling Artist Spotlight - Sonia Muralles

Guatemalan artist Sonia Muralles transforms bottles into beautiful pieces of art.

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May 26 2015

Wind Power: The Good, The Bad, The Future

Ever considered building a turbine in your backyard? Here's the skinny on wind energy.

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May 26 2015

Tips for Saving Gas

Before embarking on the summer road trip, consider these tips for saving gas (money) and being more fuel efficient.

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