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10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Your Home

Earth Day is merely days away, but it's never too late to plan a bit of a celebration.

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Apr 20 2015

How Upgrading Your Phone Destroys Villages in China

Global e-waste is mounting rapidly, so before tossing out your "obsolete" device consider how increasing consumer demand and shortened device life cycle are affecting the Earth.

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Apr 20 2015

5 Green Gadgets to Cut Your Carbon Footprint

For Earth Day, if you must consume, consider one of these pieces of tech that will help you conserve and be more efficient.

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Apr 20 2015

5 Recycled Art Crafts to Do With Kids (To Celebrate Earth Day)

From a piggy bank to wind chimes, the possibilities are endless!

Post Image - 5-documentaries-you-need-to-watch-before-earth-day

Apr 17 2015

5 Documentaries You Need to Watch Before Earth Day

With Earth Day approaching, watch one of these documentaries to motivate you to find new things you can do to help the global environment.

Post Image - how-to-recycle-grill

Apr 17 2015

How to Recycle a Grill

As you prep for warmer weather, a new grill may be on your mind. If so, make sure you recycle your old one!

Post Image - clean-your-home-boost-your-health-improve-your-cooking-with-natural-oils

Apr 17 2015

Clean Your Home, Boost Your Health & Improve Your Cooking with Natural Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries for the health-supporting properties. But where should you start?

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