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How to Recycle Jewelry

Precious metals can fetch large sums on the resale market, but with so many ways to reuse, consider looking at your old jewelry in a new light.

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Jul 25 2014

Recycling Profile: Augusta, GA

Augusta encourages residents to recycle more and throw away less by giving them 95-gallon recycling carts and charging a premium for large trashcans.

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Jul 24 2014

How Recyclable is the Metal in Your Jewelry?

Because we are usually not looking to throw out our nice jewelry, many of us do not know how recyclable the precious metals are.

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Jul 23 2014

Tricky Metals: Can I Toss This in the Recycling Bin?

Bits and pieces of metal you find around the home can surely go in your curbside recycling bin, right?

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Jul 22 2014

Ten Quirky Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Save those corks and unleash your creativity with these fun DIY recycled décor ideas.

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Jul 21 2014

How to Recycle License Plates

Since old or expired license plates are made of aluminum, they are infinitely recyclable or reusable.

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Jul 18 2014

Recycling Profile: San Jose, CA

San Jose is looking to divert all of its waste in less than a decade. Could this be the country's first zero-waste city?

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ISRI has partnered with Jason to develop a recycling curriculum and educational tools to improve citizens' recycling actions.

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