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How to Recycle Gift Wrap

While gift wrapping makes any present look a bit more special, it can also be wasteful. How can you make your occasions zero-waste?

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Feb 26 2015

How Can You Compost in the Winter?

You started composting last spring, but now it's cold and snowy. How do you keep your zero-waste project going?

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Feb 26 2015

Can You Recycle Your Electric Blanket?

Recycling an electric blanket can be difficult, but there are ways to give it new life.

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Feb 24 2015

Are You Making These 8 Home Heating Mistakes?

It's cold outside, but make sure you're not making these heating mistakes to stay warm!

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Feb 23 2015

An Eco-Friendly (and Artsy) Alternative to Disposable Hand Warmers

Disposable hand warmers are super convenient but go straight in the trash once they cool. How about a reusable option?

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Feb 23 2015

The Rise of Programmable Thermostats: Nest, Honeywell and More

Smart technology is helping take the guesswork out of energy savings

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Feb 20 2015

Winter: Natural Foe of Energy Efficiency?

It's winter. You're trying to stay warm ... but what are your heating decisions doing to the environment?

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