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What do the Numbers Mean? Recycling Codes Explained

Not all recyclables are created similarly. Here's the breakdown on those codes ...

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Mar 31 2015

Non-Profit in San Diego Teaches Recycling & Art to Local Students

Art FORM is teaching young students and the San Diego community to look at recyclables in a new light.

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Mar 31 2015

5 Ways to Be More Sustainable

Start making a greener impact with a few simple strategies.

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Mar 31 2015

How to Reuse Tea Bags and Coffee Grounds (Before They Hit the Compost)

Don't immediately throw out your tea bags or coffee grounds - they can be used to increase garden health, make cleaning easier, ease cuts and much more!

Post Image - 3-food-companies-making-an-eco-friendly-splash

Mar 30 2015

3 Food Companies Making an Eco-Friendly Splash

Some companies see "green" and "eco-friendly" as handy marketing buzzwords, but we highlight three food companies that demonstrate what it means to go green.

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Mar 30 2015

What Can You Do with Old Device Chargers?

It's so tempting and easy to just chuck old chargers into the trash, but it can be just as simple to responsibly recycle them and avoid any environmental damage.

Post Image - talking-about-greywater-systems

Mar 30 2015

Talking About Greywater Systems

Residents of drought-stricken regions of the U.S. are looking for ways to conserve water, such as greywater recycling.

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