By Elizah Leigh on December 03, 2012

Any old pillow can benefit from some recycled DIY inspiration.

Had a tough day at work? No worries, relaxation is just a few brief moments away.

There is no possible way to hang onto your stress when you plunk right in the middle of the ginormous pile of pillows scattered all… over… your… couch. Um, where are all your pillows?

Good grief. How do you expect to relax without the most crucial, squishy, ahh-facilitating tool?

Okay. Here’s your mission. Take a peek at this basic throw pillow tutorial, and while you get the hang of things, I’m going to show our 1-800-RECYCLING friends the exciting ways in which they can nip, tuck, spruce up and otherwise entirely makeover their old pillows with items that might have otherwise been given a premature burial in the landfill.

recycled throw pillows

Recycled pillow inspiration

Hate sewing? As long as you know how to tie a tidy little knot, this repurposed silk scarf pillow cover will probably make you thrilled to bits.

Got a collection of cool indie tote bags? Let them see the light just by slipping old throw pillows inside of them. (Purchase several packages of grommets in order to make this simple DIY project come together.)

You know all those annoying care tags sewn into the inside of your favorite shirts? The ones that always irritate your skin in all the wrong places? Go ahead and rip them off, but instead of throwing them in your garbage can, stockpile them so you can make this super-fantastic pillow cover. Naturally, the same thing applies to all those clothing logos, too!

Thrift store lace curtains can be scored for a song and then, with a bit of strategic sewing, transformed into a feminine outer shell for your favorite comfy couch accessories.

Far less frilly but equally as affordable, thrift store cloth napkins or tablecloths will also offer excellent pillow makeover potential.

Add an extra layer of snuggly goodness to pillows by wrapping them in vintage army blankets.

Chip-chip-cheerio, good chap. Time to create a dapper accent for your chair or couch courtesy of recycled men’s suit material, tuxedo shirts or good old silk neckties.

If a relaxed look is more your style, those old denim jeans will make durable pillow covers lickety-split (this basic tutorial lays it all out), as will your very favorite well-worn T-shirts, fleece pullovers and snuggly warm sweaters.

Are you deeply committed to the fine art of wielding needle and thread? Then patchwork pillow covers made out of recycled denim, T-shirts, plaid flannel tops, sweaters and (surprise, surprise) silk neckties won’t be intimidating at all!

Lovers of a bohemian flair will likely appreciate the international edge that recycled rice sacks can give to one’s décor as well as vintage French canvas bags.

Culinary enthusiasts: You can cook up a repurposed vintage apron pillow or make a cool new cover out of old tea towels, dish towels, placemats or even pot holders if the fabric is esthetically pleasing enough.

Turn an old leather jacket or random scraps into a new pillow cover.

Even novelty-patterned silk boxer shorts aren’t exempt from all the recycled pillow cover fun.

When fashioned into throw pillows, recycled cotton canvas moneybags also lend panache to one’s décor, not to mention animal grain sacks and burlap coffee bags.

Since chairs look spectacular when they are reupholstered with old stuffed animals, why can’t pillows be subjected to the same DIY technique?

For a waterproof option for your summer patio entertainment needs, whip out the duct tape and get busy!

Sophie DiPinto is now fulfilling the wildest dreams of bibliophiles from coast to coast by furnishing them with a literal and figurative way to snuggle up with their favorite title.

Just one word: zippers!

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