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What Happens When you Litter in a Park?

It shouldn't be a surprise that when you throw your trash in a park, you're doing environmental harm. But if it is, let these dogs convince you!

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Apr 24 2015

How to Recycle Belts

Belts aren't the easiest of accessories to recycle, but there are ways - and plenty of options for reuse and upcycling!

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Apr 24 2015

Ditch the Shampoo with Conditioner-Only Washing?

There are variations on ditching the chemicals found in shampoos. You've heard of "no 'poo," but have you considered "co-washing?"

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Apr 24 2015

Tips to Go Zero Waste

It's never too late to go zero waste (or, at the very least, reduce your waste levels).

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Apr 23 2015

How to Recycle Office Chairs

Time to upgrade your office chair? Find out how to recycle, reuse or donate it!

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Apr 23 2015

Recycling Profile: Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro, North Carolina, has been a community leader in recycling from the very beginning.

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Apr 23 2015

Why Bees Should be Kept Around, Not Insecticides

Portland, Oregon, recently announced it's banning the use of insecticides in the city to protect the honey bees.

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