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Recycling Profile: Las Cruces, NM

New Mexico's second-largest city collects recyclables at the curb twice a month.

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Oct 16 2014

Blog Action Day: Striving for Recycling Education Equality in California

California suffers from recycling education inequality. Change across the state could help shape a new generation of recycling champions.

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Oct 16 2014

Blog Action Day: Environmental Inequality Begins with Education

The answer to solving our environmental and recycling inequalities lies in improving our educational approach worldwide.

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Oct 16 2014

Blog Action Day: Recycling and Inequality

Could nationwide single-stream recycling programs be the answer to the dismal recycling rates in the U.S.?

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Oct 15 2014

How to Recycle Cat Litter

Kitty litter can be composed of many different materials, but regardless of its makeup, be cautious when attempting to compost or dispose.

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Oct 14 2014

Dirtball Green Jeans: How an Insult Led to Recycled Denim

A North Carolina-based recycled apparel company got a unique start, and now churns out some of the comfiest, most sustainable jeans available.

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Oct 13 2014

Third Eye Threads’ Cozy Recycled Apparel

Using recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton, Third Eye Threads' line of eco-friendly hoodies are perfect for the impending cool weather.

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Green Leaders Share Their Journeys

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Green Wish allows participants to save the planet by choosing which local eco-projects they would like to fund.

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Since 1999, Passages International has focused on creating eco-friendly urns, caskets and memorial items for those families opting for less traditional funerals.

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Kuli Kuli Foods works with nonprofits to plant moringa trees, which bear incredibly nutrient-rich moringa, a powerful superfood.

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