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Ten Quirky Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Save those corks and unleash your creativity with these fun DIY recycled décor ideas.

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Jul 21 2014

How to Recycle License Plates

Since old or expired license plates are made of aluminum, they are infinitely recyclable or reusable.

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Jul 18 2014

Recycling Profile: San Jose, CA

San Jose is looking to divert all of its waste in less than a decade. Could this be the country's first zero-waste city?

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Jul 17 2014

Ten Incredibly Repurposed License Plates

If you've moved or received new plates for your vehicle, what to do with the old ones? Look no further than these amazing reuse ideas.

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Jul 16 2014

How to Recycle Drywall

We're all familiar with drywall, but how do we ensure that it stays out of our landfills?

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Jul 15 2014

Eleven Creatively Crafted Lamps

Sometimes, to find a lamp that best suits your style, you have to get creative.

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Jul 14 2014

How to Recycle Lead-Acid Batteries

Safety is key when recycling lead-acid batteries, but drop-off locations should be available right in your community.

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As Washington, DC's economic boom continues, the DDOE aims to ensure that the city's growth is sustainable.

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